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A collection of our booking diaries, twenty years worth of work experience!
About Us 
Our Workshop opened its doors in 1990 and initially gained experience on the mainly carburettored cars of the day. In the early years Sierra's, Cavalier's and Montego's had already benefited
from some electronics and gone were points, manual chokes and soon, carburettors.
Early fuel injection with separate ignition control soon gave way to Motronic systems, single point injection, closed loop fuel control, direct petrol injection, common rail diesel technology and Can Bus controlled networks.
Emission legislation has driven manufactures to achieve ever more clean and efficient running cars.
The level of complexity now involved in the operation of even the modest family run-about is staggering. The D.I.Y weekend enthusiast is now left feeling frustrated by these advances. We have developed our business to specialise in these advanced technologies and continue to keep apace of change.
Our key aims are to provide our customers with a friendly polite and expert service.We want you to be able to approach us for advice and guidance without feeling "blinded by Science" or that you are going to be presented with unexplained or unexpected charges.
We always aim to keep our customers fully informed on Progress and provide clear information without Jargon.
Photogenic? No. Serious? Yes
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