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Electronic Control Units (ECU's), Testing and repair
We can supply new E.C.Us. at less than manufacturers’ costs.  We can also arrange testing and repair of E.C.Us. 
Additional information:
Please provide E.C.U. part numbers if possible when enquiring on prices or testability.
Expect a three day turn around on test and repair on most units. 
Remember some E.C.Us. Require keys and immobilizers to be removed from the vehicle for testing purposes and other E.C.Us. may require removal with the ignition on.

Fuel Injection, Carburettor and Ignition spares
We supply engine management (petrol and diesel) carburettor and ignition spares.
Saving money on the cost of replacement parts without compromising on quality is possible – contact us to discuss further.

Air Conditioning and Climate Control
Let’s make sure you stay as cool as possible in your car through the summer months.
We have equipment to:
        Re- gas and Service Air-conditioning systems.
              Prevent and eliminate bad smells caused by bacteria.
        Detect leaks.
        Interrogate and diagnose climate control systems.
Aircon Leak Detection                   Aircon Machine                         
Classic Vehicles and Engine Tuning
Since our business was established in 1990 we have offered our services to the classic car owner.
The term classic refers to a very wide variety of vehicles. From Alfa to Zodiac-we’ve seen ‘em all! From early pre war survivors, Austin Healey’s, Triumph TR’s, Jaguars, Landrovers, MG’s, through 1970’s VW’s , kit cars and 1980’s fast Fords, and everything else in-between.
We still have our trusty Crypton tuning machine and the facility to balance and tune multiple carburettor set ups.
Our workshop is secure and we have some off road parking.
 Jaguar                                Gas Analyzer                              Reconditioned Carburettors               

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